payMe (10ct)bondlight spiral light system of thomashaagen

payMe (10ct)rainbow bridge by thomashaagen
Inventor of the Rainbow Bridge

payMe (10ct)lake phoenix sunset in dortmund

payMe (10ct)fotainer
Lighting Wave 600

payMe (10ct)lichtpunkt
Action Light Point at home

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  Do you know already my modern repaired half-timbered house monument where I live? Click here and found out >

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Initiative 'City Seat, Every Citizen Its Seat' >

One Opinion about my Photo Galeries
inside the Weather Undergound (USA)

USA Good Morning from the U.S.A.:

I am a painter and I have been viewing your magnificent photography. - If only everyone could see the world through your eyes!

I live in South Carolina and I am sad to tell you how dreary life is here. All the houses look alike and everyone stays inside all the time with their shades closed. (I think they waste their lives watching TV and playing electronic games.)

Sometimes I think they live their lives in boxes, stopping only to get fast food - driving while talking into their cellphones, of course, and then return to those dark boxes for more TV. Like dead people. - In the end, they get put into boxes for good.

Sorry for such a sad reflection of my country, but your photographs made me feel the extreme contrast between "life" in America and real life.

Blessings to you in the New Year, Victoria

14 Years

"flyingLIGHTS" - optical Lighting System of Thomas Haagen. Lighting Mechanic for innovative light art exhibition >

 WDR5 Footage of the Rainbow Bridge - More >  
payMe (10ct)brettstein
stone in a

My Ideas from Germany >

How Are You? It Can Better!

Best wishes from Ruhr with light: Discoverme! Startup 1978.
I do not collect things, I create them myself new and love innovations.

 i! Lighting Design   i! Crea(c)tive Management   i! Photo Documentation 
Awesome to have your here on my "Pages Of Delight", the digital archive with lighting design,
creative visuell concepts, product ideas and technical visions. The Dortmund lighting artist reproves
its special idea source constantly for others. Everything here and much more is created by himself.
Texts, Objects, Photos, Domains , Ideas, Graphics and Visions .:. I like to think, also for others!
Please invest some energy into talks and contact. I'm pleased to make us even happier :)

Lighting-Objects with Spring-Lamps by Thomas Haagen, Liberator of the 'Festoon-Lamps' >

Hello dear fans of my designs with 'radiation'. Did you know that Thomas Haagen is the only lighting designer who invented its own lamp socked? Yes its FUNtastic! But more and more festoon lamps, which are used in my fixtures  since 1987, slowly changes to dark after 10,15,20 years of use, so replacement bulbs are NOT available right now and don't will be in the next future. Anyway: Please write via eMail and I will inform you if things gonna flow again. Thank you lighting fans!

"Thinking Of Japan"
Lighting Installation
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